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Brutal Firestorm Winter

Each winter I monitor forecasts and track every major storm that sweeps our Garden Route coastline, hoping to ride the most furious ones that come through. In early June I saw a massive 40 – 50 knot storm on the radar. I was determined to ride it and started to get my body, mind and gear ready. There was a feeling of some chaos and disruption on the day of this storm and there were some logistical issues getting to the beach from Knysna. I had heard that there were a few fires in the morning and was concerned due to the magnitude and duration of the forecast storm. But I had no idea of just how devastating it would be. I did my yoga and meditation practice and headed out for a quick ride. It was a bit gusty but nothing really too intense. Nothing over 40 knots when I rode and I was quite comfortable on a 5.5 m kite. After my session I did a quick trainer kite flying lesson with my assistant. Then someone in the Sedgefield Myoli Beach car park said the road to Knysna was closed and the fires were raging out of control. What a devastating disaster it turned out to be. Deep condolences to those who lost lives. Material things can always be replaced. We let go of what we have lost, we learn and we move forward.

Autumn in South Africa

Stuart Barnes Wakeboarding in Aqaba  Shot by Jolinda Cath

Stuart Barnes Wakeboarding in Aqaba
Shot by Jolinda Cath

I’m back (a little earlier than expected) in South Africa and available for lessons in Cape Town and the Garden Route.

The Middle East was wonderful for yoga, meditation, diving, kitesurfing and wakeboarding.

The autumn is one of my favourite seasons and it’s great to be back.

I’ve been testing some of the latest kitesurfing gear over the past few months. 2015 has seen some giant leaps in performance and some wonderful subtle and sophisticated refinements to the kites and boards that I ride and teach with.

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See you on the beach and in the water!

Freedom Fitness and Flow

Having fun
Getting out into nature
Living in the moment
Forgetting troubles

These are some of the reasons why people surf and kitesurf and want to learn these exhilarating sports.

Learn to surf or kitesurf this Summer! Join us for the 2011/ 2012 season on the Garden Route.

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Garden Route Surfing

Surfing and kitesurfing are fun and healthy sports that put you in close contact with nature. We place a strong emphasis on safety in all of our training. The goal is always to get you going as efficiently and independently as possible while keeping risks to yourself and others to an absolute minimum. We offer lessons at all the beaches along the Garden Route.

Surfing and Kitesurfing School at Myoli Beach

Summer Surfing and Kitesurfing School at Myoli Beach in Sedgefield

We are safe and fun surfing and kitesurfing school located in the beautiful Southern Cape region of South Africa. We have a wealth of experience and plenty of space and wind and waves to share.

Life Kite Surfing Summer School lessons are under way. We focus on what we love most: Surfing, Kitesurfing, SOGA and teaching. Our lessons mostly take place on the beach between Myoli and Cola beaches in Sedgefield, a town on the Garden Route in South Africa. The school is situated on one of the wildest, windiest beaches in the Southern Cape. It has great exposure to open Atlantic and Indian Ocean swells. It is located between Buffels Bay, Knysna and Plettenberg Bay to the East and Wilderness and George to the West. Our flat water training runs on the beautiful and uncrowded neighboring lakes and lagoons.

All ages, skill and fitness levels are welcome. We work with complete beginners who are new to our sports, with intermediate students and advanced and professional athletes across a range of sports. We take referrals from local and national doctors, working with recovering injured riders to develop gentle bespoke training programmes that set and support goals to accelerate healing and maintain focus and motivation.

We offer lessons in:


You want to stand up and ride waves. We help your get there swiftly with minimum risk and maximum fun. We start with the basics and build a solid foundation for beginning surfers and refine the style and technique of more experienced riders. more…

You want to ride a board whilst flying a kite. We help your get there swiftly with minimum risk and maximum fun. International safety standards that observe and respect Kites Method and IKO principles and practices are used. Over 5 years we have enhanced and refined our approaches to equipment, safety and skills training. We follow a highly individualised, stringent and precise methodology that focuses on mental skills and physical conditioning. more…

SOGA – Yoga inspired core and balance training for Surfers and Kitesurfers
You want to maintain and improve your body and mind. We help you do this with our unique, efficient and effective blend of yoga, core strength and balance training. SOGA excercises prepare beginners for board sports and improve progress and performance of intermediate and advanced riders. more…

We live the dream of a healthy lifestyle in a beautiful natural environment on the beach. We pay careful attention to good nutrition and allow plenty of time for rest to ensure that, when the conditions are perfect, we are ready to have as much fun as possible. In this way we can explore the limits and challenge ourselves while keeping unnecessary risks to an absolute minimum.

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