There are few feelings in life that compare to kitesurfing along a stretch of flat water or over waves on the sea. It is a blissful feeling of freedom.

Our location on the beach means that we have direct contact with the elements and have the best available local knowledge. This allows us to schedule lessons to coincide with the great conditions or reschedule or slightly delay lessons to ensure the optimal environment to safely develop students target skills.

International safety standards that observe and respect Kites Method and IKO principles and practices are used. Over 5 years we have enhanced and refined our approaches to equipment, safety and skills training. We follow a highly individualised, stringent and precise methodology that focuses on mental skills and physical conditioning.

Our kitesurfing offering includes:

1 line kite flying
2 line kite flying
advanced 2 line kite flying and tricks
creative kites
3 line kite flying
wind theory – understanding and forecasting
feeling the wind
2 line power kiting
4 line power kiting
“skudding” / sliding on the beach
body dragging (bodysurfing with a kite)
kitesurfing kites – safety equipment and technical control
kitesurfing kite flying on the beach
kitesurfing kite “skudding” / sliding on the beach
body dragging with a kitesurfing kite in flat water
body dragging with a kitesurfing kite in waves
board riding theory and how it relates to other board sports (surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding)
practical exercises to develop board riding skills
kite control in board riding
kitesurfing fitness – strength, endurance, flexibility
kitesurfing cross training
keeping calm
avoiding injury
kitesurfing injury prevention
kitesurfing rules and rights of way
(we do not do advanced technical wake style tricks but can assist with training the mind and body to achieve such things)
surfing for kitesurfers
wave riding

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