Wakeboarding on the Garden Route

Stuart Barnes Wakeboarding Swartvlei

It is well known that wakeboarding is essential training for efficient kitesurfing progression across all levels. It accelerates development of riding as it allows us to isolate board skill from kite skill. And the harder you work on it, the more rewarding the results. The benefits for all board sports on any surface are good. Regardless of your level, it’s just super fun.

We offer world class kite-specific coaching with an epic boat at awesome spots. The main wakeboard training venue is Swartvlei lake near Sedgefield. It’s a vast open semi-saline estuarine lake, that’s completely uncrowded for 95% of the year. It’s extremely warm in the summer and wind conditions are zero to light most mornings, offering great riding on nice smooth water surfaces…

For core wakeboarders we offer coaching and riding too.

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