Brutal Firestorm Winter

Each winter I monitor forecasts and track every major storm that sweeps our Garden Route coastline, hoping to ride the most furious ones that come through. In early June I saw a massive 40 – 50 knot storm on the radar. I was determined to ride it and started to get my body, mind and gear ready. There was a feeling of some chaos and disruption on the day of this storm and there were some logistical issues getting to the beach from Knysna. I had heard that there were a few fires in the morning and was concerned due to the magnitude and duration of the forecast storm. But I had no idea of just how devastating it would be. I did my yoga and meditation practice and headed out for a quick ride. It was a bit gusty but nothing really too intense. Nothing over 40 knots when I rode and I was quite comfortable on a 5.5 m kite. After my session I did a quick trainer kite flying lesson with my assistant. Then someone in the Sedgefield Myoli Beach car park said the road to Knysna was closed and the fires were raging out of control. What a devastating disaster it turned out to be. Deep condolences to those who lost lives. Material things can always be replaced. We let go of what we have lost, we learn and we move forward.

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