Big Bay

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You know that you really love what you do when the first thing you do when you have some time off is… exactly the same thing…

After teaching the peak Summer season on the Garden Route I picked a windless local week to chase a windy week to Cape Town for a little kite holiday. The forecast looked perfect there and, true to form, the world’s greatest kitesurfing destination delivered!

I spent many years living, studying and working in Cape Town so it always feels like home to me. It’s always great to catch up with old friends… the food, the people, the places – it really is a magic city 🙂

Downwinders in Cape Town are epic. You can start at Kite Beach or further up towards Dolphin. Then you can just enjoy the freedom of cruising downwind for miles and miles and miles… Big Bay is a great place to stop but you can just keep going if you like… lifts back are plentiful with shuttle buses, taxi’s and loads of kiters. The kite scene is so international and it’s always interesting to meet fellow travelling kiters from around the world. They are pretty much the most stoked and blissed out people you could ever meet anywhere.

Living the dream…

Back to my magic job on the Garden Route… feeling refreshed and inspired, thank you Cape Town!

Thank you to Claire Butler from What She Saw Photography for the shots at my sunset session at Big Bay.

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